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Last update: 2022-05-25


You can check the security status and scan the computer.

The Status page lets you do as follows:

  • See the security status of the computer.
  • Scan the computer for threats.
  • See the installed features and their security status.

The About link in the lower right of the page lets you update or troubleshoot the product.

Security status

An icon in the upper part of the page shows the status.

Setting Description
Green checkmark Green. There are no alerts, or only low-priority alerts.
Red warning icon Red. There are high-priority alerts.
Yellow warning icon Yellow. There are medium-priority alerts.
Gray question mark icon Gray. The status is unknown.

Features installed

All the installed features are displayed with their individual security status. Features can include the following, depending on your license:

  • Malware and PUA protection
  • Data Protection (Windows) or Device Encryption (Mac)
  • Zero Trust Network Access (Windows)


Data Protection here refers to encryption with BitLocker.

Status page

Scan the computer

Next to the malware and PUAs status, click Scan to scan all files on the computer for threats.

When you run a scan, the scanning progress and results are shown on the Detections page. If threats are detected, you can go to the Events page to see details.

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