Our software is compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 level AA. You can find more information on these guidelines in related information.

To provide access we use the Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) protocol and use the standard Windows conventions for control interaction.

Our software is accessible using JAWS (Job Access With Speech) and NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access). We recommend that you use JAWS 2019 or later and NVDA 2019.1 or later. If you don't have JAWS or NVDA you can download them. You can find links for downloading JAWS and NVDA in related information. If you need further help with JAWS and NVDA you can contact their technical support.

If you want to use assistive technology products with our software we recommend that you are familiar with how your chosen product works and the available keyboard commands.

You can find specific recommendations for Sophos Enterprise Console in Recommended accessibility settings.

To use the Report Manager we recommend that you use Microsoft Narrator.

JAWS and NVDA can't navigate in the report displayed in Report Viewer. They read out text only if you move the mouse pointer over objects. You can navigate in the report in Microsoft Narrator using the keyboard.