Back up data on the new server

You must take a backup of the data on the new server. The backup will be used later for importing registry values.

  1. Rename the existing Backup folder at the following location to Old_Server_Backup.
  2. Open a command prompt at the Sophos Enterprise Console installation directory.

    Windows version

    Default location


    C:\Program Files\Sophos\Enterprise Console


    C:\Program files (x86)\Sophos\Enterprise Console

  3. Enter the following command to back up the database:

    DataBackupRestore -Action=backup -password=[password to encrypt credentials]

    Note The password required for this command is used to encrypt the credential store backup. Make sure it's unique and sufficiently complex.

    A confirmation message is displayed and a Backup folder is created with a Database subfolder, registry keys, and Secure Store information in the following location:


  4. Rename the new Backup folder that has been created to New_Server_Backup.
  5. Now rename the Old_Server_Backup folder to Backup.
  6. Stop the Sophos Management Service. To do this:
    1. Open a command prompt window.
    2. Type the following command:
      net stop "Sophos Management Service"

You have finished taking backup of data on the new server.