Protect Windows computers automatically

You can use Sophos Enterprise Console to protect Windows computers automatically, see knowledge base article 114191.

You can also use your own tools or scripts for installing protection on Windows computers.

Note When you install Sophos Client Firewall, all network adapters are temporarily disconnected. This results in network connections being unavailable for up to 20 seconds and the disconnection of networked applications such as Microsoft Remote Desktop.

To protect computers:

  1. In Sophos Enterprise Console, select the computers that you want to protect.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If the computers have been placed in groups, right-click the selection and click Protect computers.
    • If the computers are in the Unassigned group, simply drag them to your chosen groups.

    A wizard guides you through installation of Sophos security software.

  3. Accept the default options, except as shown below:
    1. On the Select features page, select additional features you want to install.
    2. On the Protection summary page, check the details of any installation problems.
    3. On the Credentials page, enter details of an account that can be used to install software on computers.

The computers that you have selected are protected with security software. Installation is staggered, so that the process may not be complete on all the computers for some time. Some computers might need to be restarted to complete the installation.

When installation is complete, look at the list of computers again. In the On-access column, the word Active indicates that the computer is scanning for threats on access.