Redirect remote consoles to the new server

For each remote Sophos Enterprise Console installation, at the remote computer:

  1. Run the Sophos Enterprise Console installer package.
  2. Extract the installation files to the suggested destination folder or another one of your choice. The folder must be on the computer to be upgraded.
    The installation wizard starts.
  3. In the Sophos Enterprise Console dialog box, click Next.
  4. A wizard guides you through installation. You should do as follows:
    1. Accept the defaults wherever possible.
    2. In Components selection dialog box, select Management Console and click Next.
    3. In the Management Console dialog box, enter the name of the new server. If the new server is using a different port, update the port number.
      Note If the remote console and the new server are part of an Active Directory domain, you will be prompted to enter the Database details. If prompted, ensure you use the same account details used for database access during the installation of Sophos Enterprise Console on the new server.
  5. Continue the installation wizard to update the console installation with the new settings.

You have finished redirecting remote consoles to the new server.