Patch assessment events

Note This feature will be unavailable if your license doesn't include Patch Assessment.

The Patch Assessment - Event Viewer contains information about security patches and results of patch assessments.

The Patch updates field displays the download status of patch information. It displays one of the following status messages:

  • Not downloaded indicates patch information is not downloaded or you do not have the license to use the Patch feature.
  • Downloading indicates the first download, after install, is in progress.
  • OK indicates patch information is up-to-date.
  • Out of date indicates that there has not been a fully successful update of patch data in the past 72 hours. Typically this status is displayed if SEC is not up-to-date, due to issues with network connectivity. It may also be displayed if you change your license from a SEC that has the Patch feature, to another without it. It is possible that a partial update may have occurred when this status message is displayed.

The Patch Assessment - Event Viewer has the following tabs:

Patches by rating: This tab by default displays missing patches. Each patch is displayed, along with a count of the computers missing the patch, and the threats and vulnerabilities linked to the patch. You can use filters to show a full list of all the supported patches with a count of the number of computers missing them.

Computers missing patches: This tab displays patch assessment status by computer. Each computer is displayed, along with its missing patches. Computers are listed multiple times if missing more than one patch.