Toolbar buttons

The following table describes the toolbar buttons. Some toolbar buttons are available only in specific circumstances. For example, the Protect button to install anti-virus and firewall software is only available if a group of computers is selected in the Groups pane in the Endpoints view.

Toolbar Button



Discover computers

Searches for computers on the network and adds them to the console.

For more information, see Discovering computers on the network.

Create group

Creates a new group for computers.

For more information, see Create a group.

View/Edit policy

Opens the policy selected in the Policies pane for editing.

For more information, see Edit a policy.


Installs anti-virus and firewall software on the computers selected in the computer list.

For more information, see Protect computers automatically.


Switches to the Endpoints view in the computer list.

The Endpoints view displays the computers in the group that is selected in the Groups pane.

For more information, see Navigating the Endpoints view.

Update managers

Switches to the Update managers view in the computer list.

The Update managers view displays computers where Sophos Update Manager is installed.

For more information, see Navigating the Update managers view.


Shows or hides the Dashboard.

The Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of your network's security status.

For more information, see Dashboard panels.


Starts Report Manager so that you can generate reports about alerts and events on your network.

For more information, see Generating reports.

Sophos Central

Takes you to Sophos Central.

For information about Sophos Central, see knowledgebase article 119598. For information about migrating to Sophos Central, see knowledgebase article 122264.

Sophos Mobile

When the Sophos Mobile URL is configured, this opens the Sophos Mobile web console. This is a device management solution for mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets) that helps you to manage apps and security settings.

For more information, see Configure the Sophos Mobile URL.