What tasks do the rights authorize?

Note Depending on your license, some of the rights may not be applicable.




Enable auditing, disable auditing

Computer search, protection and groups

Start search, stop search and find domains for Network search, IP range search and Active Directory search

Import computers and groups from Active Directory; import groups from Active Directory

Import computers from a file

Delete a computer

Protect a computer

Synchronize a group with Active Directory

Change group synchronization properties

Remove group synchronization

Move a computer

Create a group

Rename a group

Move a group

Delete a group

Assign a policy to a group

Data control customization

Create a data control rule

Edit a data control rule

Copy a data control rule

Delete a data control rule

Exclude files from data control scanning

Create a Content Control List

Edit a Content Control List

Copy a Content Control List

Delete a Content Control List

Data control events

Display the data control event viewer

Display data control events in computer details

Policy setting - anti-virus and HIPS

Create an anti-virus and HIPS policy

Duplicate an anti-virus and HIPS policy

Rename an anti-virus and HIPS policy

Edit an anti-virus and HIPS policy

Restore default anti-virus and HIPS settings

Delete an anti-virus and HIPS policy

Add or remove entry from threat master list

Policy setting - application control

Create an application control policy

Duplicate an application control policy

Rename an application control policy

Edit an application control policy

Restore default application control settings

Delete an application control policy

Policy setting - data control

Create a data control policy

Duplicate a data control policy

Rename a data control policy

Edit a data control policy

Restore default data control settings

Delete a data control policy

Policy setting - device control

Create a device control policy

Duplicate a device control policy

Rename a device control policy

Edit a device control policy

Restore default device control settings

Delete a device control policy

Policy setting - firewall

Create a firewall policy

Duplicate a firewall policy

Rename a firewall policy

Edit a firewall policy

Restore default firewall settings

Delete a firewall policy

Policy setting - patch

Create a patch policy

Duplicate a patch policy

Rename a patch policy

Edit a patch policy

Restore default patch settings

Delete a patch policy

Policy setting - tamper protection

Create a tamper protection policy

Duplicate a tamper protection policy

Rename a tamper protection policy

Edit a tamper protection policy

Restore default tamper protection settings

Delete a tamper protection policy

Policy setting - updating

Create an updating policy

Duplicate an updating policy

Rename an updating policy

Edit an updating policy

Restore default updating settings

Delete an updating policy

Create a subscription

Edit a subscription

Rename a subscription

Duplicate a subscription

Delete a subscription

Configure update managers

Policy setting - web control

Create a web control policy

Duplicate a web control policy

Rename a web control policy

Edit a web control policy

Reset a default web control policy

Delete a web control policy

Policy setting - exploit prevention

Create an exploit prevention policy

Duplicate an exploit prevention policy

Rename an exploit prevention policy

Edit an exploit prevention policy

Add an exploit mitigation exclusion

Delete an exploit mitigation exclusion

Reset an exploit prevention policy

Delete an exploit prevention policy

Remediation - cleanup

Clean up detected items

Acknowledge alerts

Acknowledge errors

Remediation - updating and scanning

Update computers now

Run a full system scan of a computer

Make computers comply with the group policy

Make update manager comply with configuration

Instruct update manager to update now

Report configuration

Create, edit, or delete a report

Role-based administration

Create a role

Rename a role

Delete a role

Modify the rights of a role

Add a user or group to a role

Remove a user or group from a role

Sub-estate management: create a sub-estate; rename a sub-estate; delete a sub-estate; add a sub-estate root group; remove a sub-estate root group; add a user or group to a sub-estate; remove a user or group from a sub-estate

System configuration

Modify SMTP server settings; test SMTP server settings; modify email alert recipients

Configure dashboard warning and critical levels

Configure reporting: configure database alert purging; set the company name displayed in reports

Configure reporting to Sophos: enable or disable reporting to Sophos; modify the username; modify the contact email address

Configure the use of fixed version software packages

Web events

Display the web event viewer

Display web events in computer details dialog box