Change to a non-interactive mode

If you use role-based administration:

  • You must have the Policy setting - firewall right to configure a firewall policy.
  • You cannot edit a policy if it is applied outside your active sub-estate.

For more information, see Managing roles and sub-estates.

There are two non-interactive modes:
  • Allow by default
  • Block by default

In the non-interactive modes, the firewall deals with network traffic automatically using your rules. Network traffic which has no matching rule is either all allowed (if it is outbound) or all blocked.

To change to a non-interactive mode on a group of computers:

  1. On the Welcome page of the Firewall Policy wizard, click Advanced firewall policy.
  2. Under Configurations, click Configure next to the location that you want to configure.
  3. Click the General tab.
  4. Under Working mode, click Allow by default or Block by default.