Computers are not managed by the console

Windows, Mac, Linux, and UNIX computers should be managed by Sophos Enterprise Console, so that they can be updated and monitored.

Note Unless you use Active Directory synchronization (see Managing roles and sub-estates), new computers added to the network are not displayed or managed by the console automatically. Click Discover computers in the toolbar to search for them and place them in the Unassigned group.

If a computer is not managed, its details on the Status tab are grayed out.

To start managing unmanaged computers:

  1. In the View drop-down list, select Unmanaged computers.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If the unmanaged computers are in the Unassigned group, select the computers and drag and drop them onto the group where you want to place them. The Protect Computers Wizard is launched to help you protect them.
    • If the computers are already in a group, select them, right-click and select Protect Computers to install a managed version of Sophos Endpoint Security and Control.
  3. If there are computers on which Sophos Enterprise Console cannot install Sophos Endpoint Security and Control automatically, carry out a manual installation.

    Automatic installation using the Protect Computers Wizard is only available for Windows computers. If you need to protect Macs, Linux or UNIX computers, install the software manually.

    For information about protecting Macs or Windows computers manually, see the Sophos Enterprise Console advanced startup guide.

    For information about protecting Linux or UNIX, see the Sophos Enterprise Console startup guide for Linux and UNIX.