Data control does not scan uploaded or attached files

If data control does not scan files uploaded or attached from a network location using a monitored application (for example, an email client, a web browser, or an instant messaging (IM) client), it may be because you excluded remote files from on-access scanning in the anti-virus and HIPS policy. In this case, data control uses the same set of exclusions as the Sophos Anti-Virus on-access scanner (InterCheck ™), so if remote file scanning is disabled, it will not send any remote files for a data control check.

For information about configuring on-access scanning exclusions, see Exclude items from on-access scanning.

Note: Data control does not use on-access scanning exclusions when files are copied or moved using Windows Explorer. In this case, data control will intercept the transfer of files onto monitored storage devices from a network location, for example, copying files to a removable storage device or burning data onto optical media.