Fixed version software packages

A fixed version is a version that is updated with new threat detection data, but not with the latest software version each month. An example of a fixed version of Sophos Endpoint Security and Control for Windows is "10.3.15 VE3.60.0". It consists of a three-part version identifier—major release identifier (10), minor release identifier (3), and maintenance release identifier (15)—and threat detection engine version (VE3.60.0).

Using fixed packages

By default, the use of fixed version software packages is disabled (under Tools > Configure Use of Fixed Packages). They are not displayed in the Software Subscription dialog box and you cannot subscribe to them.

Tip: If you are subscribed to a fixed software version, we recommend that, to ensure best protection, you change your subscription to a "recommended" package. For more information about software packages, see What types of updating are available?

If you haven’t used fixed version software packages before but want to do so, you can enable the use of fixed packages under Tools > Configure Use of Fixed Packages. When the use of fixed packages is enabled, they are displayed in the Software Subscription dialog box and you can subscribe to them.

Note: If you use role-based administration, you must have the System configuration right to configure the use of fixed packages.

If you disable the use of fixed packages while you are still subscribed to a fixed package, you will still be subscribed to that package and it will continue to be downloaded until you unsubscribe from it. However, you won’t be able to view or re-subscribe to another fixed package.

If you have remote consoles, changing this configuration option in one of them will take effect in all consoles. If you have enabled the use of fixed packages in the registry as described in Sophos knowledgebase article 117348, the registry setting will take effect only on the computer where it has been configured, and it will take precedence over the configuration option in the console.

Lifecycle of fixed packages

Fixed versions are downloaded for as long as they are available from Sophos. If a fixed version is due to retire, you will see an alert in the Update managers view next to any update managers that are subscribed to that version. If email alerting is active, the administrator will also receive an email alert.

When a subscribed fixed version is retired, if you do not change your subscription before support ends you are automatically subscribed to a newer Fixed Extended package. For more information see this article.

For more information about Sophos Endpoint Lifecycle Policy, see Sophos knowledgebase article 112580.