Filter computers by the name of a detected item

You can filter the computer list by the name of a detected item such as malware, potentially unwanted application, or suspicious file. You can do so by configuring the filter "Managed computers affected by...". The filter is displayed in the View drop-down list along with the other computer list filters.

To configure the filter:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Configure Filters.
  2. In the Configure Computer List Filter dialog box, enter the name of a detected item you want to filter by. You can find the names of items detected on your network in:
    • Computer list view, Alert and Error Details tab, Item detected column.

      Please note that if a computer has multiple detected items, the Item detected column will display only the latest highest priority item, which may not be the one you filter by.

    • Resolve alerts and errors dialog box. To open the dialog box, select a computer or computers in the computer list or a group of computers in the Groups pane, right-click and click Resolve Alerts and Errors.
    • Computer details dialog box. To open the dialog box, double-click the affected computer. Then scroll down to the Outstanding alerts and errors section.
    • Reports (for example, Alert summary or Alerts and events by item name). To open the Report Manager, on the Tools menu, click Manage Reports.
    You can use wildcards. Use ? for any single character and * for any string of characters. For example, if you enter "Mal*" and then apply the filter, the computer list view will show computers infected with malware whose name begins with "Mal", such as "Mal/Conficker-A" and "Mal/Packer".