Select a website category action

With web control turned on and the Inappropriate Website Control policy selected, you can configure the action for each website category. You can also create a new policy that is based on the default policy. For more information, see Create a policy.

To select a site category action:

  1. On the General tab, on the drop-down list next to the site category or categories that you want to configure, select one of the following:
    • Block: Prevents users from viewing sites in this category. If it is an HTTP web page, a block notification is displayed to the user, explaining why the site was blocked. If it is an HTTPS page, a balloon tip is displayed to the users in the Windows System Tray.
    • Warn: Warns users that they are at risk of violating their organization's web use policy, but allows them to proceed. If it is an HTTP page, a warn notification is displayed to users, cautioning them about proceeding to the site. If it is an HTTPS page, the user does not receive a notification, and is allowed to continue to the website. The event is logged as a "Proceed" in Enterprise Console.
    • Allow: Lets users view sites in this category. The event is not logged.
  2. Click OK.