Import containers and computers from Active Directory

If you use role-based administration, you must have the Computer search, protection and groups right to perform this task. For more information, see Managing roles and sub-estates.

Importing groups from Active Directory retrieves the Active Directory container structure and copies it into Enterprise Console as a computer group structure. You can import the group structure only or groups and computers. If you choose the latter, computers found in Active Directory are placed in their respective group, and not in the Unassigned group.

You can have both “normal” groups that you create and manage yourself and groups imported from Active Directory. You can also synchronize the imported groups with Active Directory.

To import groups from Active Directory:

  1. On the toolbar, click the Discover computers icon.
  2. In the Discover Computers dialog box, in the Import from Active Directory pane, select Import and click OK.
    Alternatively, select a group you want to import your Active Directory container(s) into, right-click and select Import from Active Directory.
    The Import from Active Directory Wizard starts.
  3. Follow the instructions in the wizard. When asked to choose what to import, select Computers and containers or Containers only, depending on what you want to import.

After you have imported containers from Active Directory, apply policies to the groups. See What policies are available?.

After you have applied group policies to the groups, you can synchronize the groups with Active Directory, if you want to. For instructions, see Synchronize with Active Directory.