Recover access with Local Self Help

Note: This feature will be unavailable if your license doesn't include Full Disk Encryption.
With Local Self Help users who have forgotten their password can log on at their computer without the assistance of a help desk. Users log on by answering predefined questions in the Power-on Authentication on the endpoint computer.

For users to be able to recover access with Local Self Help, Local Self Help has to be enabled in a full disk encrypion policy.

To recover access with Local Self Help:

  1. On the endpoint computer, in the Power-on Authentication, the user enters their user name and clicks the Recovery button.
  2. In the following five dialogs, the user answers a defined number of questions randomly selected from the questions stored on the endpoint computer. After answering the last one, the user confirms the answers with OK.
  3. In the next dialog, the user can view the password by pressing ENTER or SPACEBAR, or by clicking the blue display box.
    The password is displayed for 5 seconds at the maximum. Afterwards, the startup process continues automatically. The user can hide the password immediately by pressing ENTER, or SPACEBAR, or by clicking the blue display box again.
  4. After reading the password, the user clicks OK.
The user is logged on at the Power-on Authentication and to Windows and can use the password for future logon.