Back up company certificate

If you use role-based administration, you must have the right Global encryption settings.

For more information, see About roles and sub-estates.

Certificates are used to secure the communication between the endpoint computers and the database. When encryption is installed the company certificate is used to recover a corrupt database. The company certificate is backed up during Enterprise Console installation, but you can back it up to different locations any time.
Note: Besides the company certificate there is a second type of certificate, the MSO certificate. This certificate is used to recover a corrupt server. The MSO certificate can only be backed up during Enterprise Console installation. Make sure that you do not lose this backup.

To back up the company certificate:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Manage encryption and select Backup company certificate.
  2. In Backup company certificate click Export.
  3. Select a location for the backup store and enter and confirm a password to encrypt the store. take a note of the password.