Remove third-party security software

If you want to remove any previously installed security software, do the following BEFORE selecting the Third-Party Security Software Detection in the Protect Computers Wizard and installing it:

Note: You have to locally restart any computers from which you remove third-party anti-virus software.
Note: HitmanPro.Alert may already be installed either as a standalone product or from Sophos Central. You should remove HitmanPro.Alert before applying on-premise management from Sophos Enterprise Console.

If computers have another vendor's update tool installed and you wish to remove the update tool, you will need to modify the configuration file before selecting the Third-Party Security Software Detection option in the Protect Computers Wizard.

Note: If computers are running another vendor's firewall or HIPS product, you may need to leave that vendor's update tool intact. See that vendor's documentation for clarification.

To modify the configuration file:

  1. From the Central Installation Directory, find the file.
  2. Extract the crt.cfg configuration file from
  3. Edit the crt.cfg file to change the line reading "RemoveUpdateTools=0" to "RemoveUpdateTools=1".
  4. Save your changes and save crt.cfg to the same directory that contains Do not put crt.cfg back into or it will be overwritten the next time the file is updated.

When you run the Protect Computers Wizard and select Third-Party Security Software Detection, the modified configuration file will now remove any third-party security update tools as well as third-party security software.