Find computers with problems

To display a list of computers that are not properly protected or have other protection-related problems:

  1. Select the group of computers you want to check.
  2. In the View drop-down list, select which computers you want to find, for example, Computers with potential problems.
    You can also select a subentry of an entry, to display computers affected by a specific problem (for example, computers that differ from group policy, computers with outstanding alerts, or computers where an installation error has occurred).
  3. If the group contains subgroups, select also whether you want to find computers At this level only or At this level and below.
    Any computers that have protection problems will be listed.

You can also filter the computer list by the name of a detected item such as malware, potentially unwanted application, or suspicious file. For more information, see Filter computers by the name of a detected item.

For information about dealing with protection problems, see Computers are not running on-access scanning and other topics in the Troubleshooting section.