Encrypt data

SafeGuard Enterprise Synchronized Encryption comes with a versatile file encryption module. Synchronized Encryption allows you to encrypt sensitive data based on the application it was created or modified with. This encryption is persistent, so your data is secure even if moved to another location, uploaded to a cloud storage provider, or sent via email. Depending on the policy definitions, certain file types are usually encrypted automatically. However, in some cases it might be necessary to decrypt or encrypt single files manually. In Windows Explorer and OS X Finder, encrypted files are marked with a green lock symbol.

Persistent encryption


Mac OS X


  • Synchronized Encryption policies are not merged. The policy closest to the target object (user/computer) in a hierarchy chain is always applied. The policy currently in force for a user or computer is displayed on the RSOP tab under Users and Computers.


If you use backup software, like File History in Windows 8.x and Windows 10 or Time Machine in Mac OS X, you may have backup, older versions of files of the type you want to encrypt. Synchronized Encryption cannot encrypt these files. You should remove or encrypt existing backups and deactivate automatic backups.