Manage BitLocker Drive Encryption with SafeGuard Enterprise

SafeGuard Enterprise’s central and fully transparent management of BitLocker can be used in heterogeneous IT environments. SafeGuard Enterprise enhances BitLocker capabilities significantly. Security policies for BitLocker can be centrally rolled out thanks to SafeGuard Enterprise. Even critical processes such as key management and key recovery are available when BitLocker is managed with SafeGuard Enterprise.

With SafeGuard Enterprise, you can manage BitLocker Drive Encryption from the SafeGuard Management Center. As a security officer, you can set encryption and authentication policies and distribute them to the BitLocker endpoints.

Once a BitLocker endpoint is registered in the SafeGuard Management Center, information on user, computer, logon mode, and encryption status is displayed. Events are logged for BitLocker endpoints as well.

In terms of management functionality, endpoints encrypted with BitLocker are equal to endpoints encrypted with SafeGuard Full Disk Encryption. You can find out the type of a computer in the Inventory section in Users and Computers. The column Encryption Type tells you if a computer is a BitLocker endpoint.

Note: During installation of the SafeGuard Enterprise Client on Windows 7, the BitLocker feature needs to be explicitly selected to enable BitLocker management.

For information on BitLocker To Go and SafeGuard Enterprise, see BitLocker To Go.