Feature parameters for ADDLOCAL option

You need to define in advance which features are to be installed on the endpoints. The feature names are added as parameters to the command-line option ADDLOCAL. List the features after typing the option ADDLOCAL in the command prompt:

The following tables list the features that can be installed on the endpoints. For further information, see: Installing packages and features.

Feature Parents Feature


Mandatory. The feature enables logon with the Credential Provider.

Client, BaseEncryption SectorBasedEncryption (SafeGuard volume-based encryption)

Win 7 only: SectorBasedEncryption

Client, BaseEncryption BitLockerSupport (BitLocker)
Client, BaseEncryption, BitLockerSupport BitLockerSupportCR (BitLocker C/R)
Client, NextGenDataProtection NextGenDataProtection (Synchronized Encryption)
Client, LocationBasedEncryption

SecureDataExchange (Data Exchange)

Client, LocationBasedEncryption FileShare (File Encryption)
Client, LocationBasedEncryption CloudStorage (Cloud Storage)