Command line options for central installation

For a central installation, we recommend that you prepare a script using the Windows Installer component msiexec, which automatically carries out a pre-configured SafeGuard Enterprise installation. Msiexec is included in Windows. For further information, see

Command line syntax

msiexec /i <path+msi package name> / <SGN Features> <SGN parameter>

The command line syntax consists of:

  • Windows Installer parameters, which, for example, log warnings and error messages to a file during the installation.

  • SafeGuard Enterprise features to be installed, for example, full disk encryption.

  • SafeGuard Enterprise parameters, to specify the installation directory, for example.

Command line options

You can select all available options using msiexec.exe in the prompt. The main options are described below.

Option Description
/i Specifies the fact that this is an installation.
/qn Installs with no user interaction and does not display a user interface.
ADDLOCAL= Lists the SafeGuard Enterprise features that are to be installed. If the option is not specified, all features intended for a standard installation are installed.

For a list of SafeGuard Enterprise features in each installation package and availability according to endpoint configuration, see Installing packages and features. For list of feature parameters for the ADDLOCAL option, see Feature parameters for ADDLOCAL option.

ADDLOCAL=ALL Under Windows 7 (BIOS) ADDLOCAL=ALL installs the SafeGuard volume-based encryption and all other available features. Under Windows 8 or higher, ADDLOCAL=ALL installs BitLocker support and Synchronized Encryption.
REBOOT=Force | ReallySuppress Forces or suppresses a restart after installation. If nothing is specified, the restart is forced after installation.
/L* <path + filename> Logs all warnings and error messages in the specified log file. The parameter /Le <path + filename> only logs error messages.
Installdir= <directory> Specifies the directory in which the SafeGuard Enterprise encryption software is to be installed. If no value is specified, the default installation directory is <SYSTEM>:\PROGRAM FILES\SOPHOS.