Installing packages and features

The following table shows the installation packages and features of the SafeGuard Enterprise encryption software on endpoints. You find the installation packages in the Installers folder of your product delivery.

The default installation (Complete or Typical) consists of BitLocker and Synchronized Encryption. If you are not using any file encryption module, we recommend that you select a Custom installation and only install BitLocker full disk encryption.

Note that you can only install either Synchronized Encryption or location-based File Encryption, not both.

Note: When the operating system of the endpoint is Windows 64-bit, install the 64-bit variant of the installation packages (<package name>_x64.msi).
Package Content Available for managed endpoints Available for unmanaged endpoints

(Windows 7 only)

Pre-installation package

The package must be installed before installing any encryption installation package. Provides endpoints with necessary requirements for successful installation of the current encryption software.





SafeGuard client installation package

Provides endpoints with necessary requirements for successful installation of the current encryption software. For full disk encryption for internal and external hard disks, SafeGuard Enterprise offers the alternatives SafeGuard Full Disk Encryption or BitLocker.

  BitLocker or BitLocker C/R

SafeGuard Enterprise manages the Microsoft BitLocker encryption engine. On UEFI platforms, BitLocker pre-boot authentication comes with a SafeGuard Challenge/Response mechanism whereas the BIOS version allows the retrieval of the recovery key from the SafeGuard Management Center.

Select installation type Custom.

  SafeGuard Full Disk Encryption (only Windows 7 BIOS)

SafeGuard Full Disk Encryption includes SafeGuard Power-on Authentication.

Select installation type Complete, Typical, Custom.

  Synchronized Encryption

Includes application-based file encryption and self-encrypting HTML functionality for automatically encrypting email attachments using Microsoft Outlook.

  Cloud Storage

File-based encryption of data stored in the cloud. Local copies of data stored in the cloud are always encrypted transparently. To send data to or receive data from the cloud, vendor-specific software must be used.

Select installation type Complete or Custom.

  File Encryption

File-based encryption of data on local hard disks and network shares, especially for workgroups.

Select installation type Complete or Custom.

  Data Exchange

SafeGuard Data Exchange: file-based encryption of data on removable media on all platforms without re-encryption.

Select installation type Complete or Custom.