Cloud Storage

The SafeGuard Enterprise module Cloud Storage offers file-based encryption of data stored in the cloud.

It does not change the way users work with data stored in the cloud. Users are still using the same vendor specific synchronization applications to send data to or receive data from the cloud. The purpose of Cloud Storage is to make sure that the local copies of data stored in the cloud is encrypted transparently and will therefore always be stored in the cloud in encrypted form.

In the SafeGuard Management Center, you create Cloud Storage Definitions (CSDs) and use them as targets in Device Protection policies. Predefined Cloud Storage Definitions are available for several cloud storage providers, for example Dropbox or Egnyte.

After a Cloud Storage policy has been assigned to endpoints, files in locations covered by the policy are transparently encrypted without user interaction: To access Cloud Storage encrypted files on endpoints without SafeGuard Enterprise Cloud Storage, SafeGuard Portable can be used to read encrypted files.
Note: Cloud Storage only encrypts new data stored in the cloud. If data is already stored in the cloud before installing Cloud Storage, this data will not automatically be encrypted. If you want to encrypt this data, you have to remove it from the cloud first and then enter it again.