Importing from Active Directory

You can import an existing organizational structure into the SafeGuard Enterprise Database through an Active Directory.

Note: An initial import is triggered by the SafeGuard Management Center Configuration Wizard. When running the wizard, you may skip this step and you can manually configure your Active Directory import later.

We recommend that you create one dedicated Windows service account that is used for all import and synchronization tasks. For more information, see Sophos knowledgebase article 107979.

With the SafeGuard Management Task Scheduler, you can create periodic tasks for automatic synchronization between Active Directory and SafeGuard Enterprise. Your product delivery contains a predefined script template for this purpose. For further information, see Scheduling tasks and Predefined scripts for periodic tasks.

Note: We recommend that you divide the import of more than 400,000 objects from AD into multiple operations. This may not be possible if there are more than 400,000 objects in a single organizational unit.