Manage FileVault 2 endpoints with SafeGuard Management Center

In the SafeGuard Management Center, FileVault 2 endpoints can be managed just like any native SafeGuard Enterprise endpoints. As a security officer you can set encryption policies for the FileVault 2 endpoints and distribute them.

Once a FileVault 2 endpoint is registered at SafeGuard Enterprise, information on user, computer, logon mode and encryption status is displayed. Events are logged for FileVault 2 clients as well.

Management of the FileVault 2 in SafeGuard Enterprise is transparent, which means that management functions generally work the same way for FileVault 2 and native SafeGuard Enterprise clients. You can find out on the type of a computer in the Inventory of a container in Users and Computers. The column POA Type tells you if the respective computer is a FileVault 2 client.