FIPS-compliant installations

The FIPS certification describes security requirements for encryption modules. For example government bodies in the USA and in Canada require FIPS 140-2-certified software for particularly security-critical information.

SafeGuard Enterprise uses FIPS-certified AES algorithms, but by default, a new, faster implementation of the AES algorithms is installed that is not yet FIPS certified.

To use the FIPS certified variant of the AES algorithm, set the FIPS property to 1 (one) when installing the SafeGuard Enterprise encryption software.

You can do so by adding the property to the command line script:

msiexec /i F:\Software\SGNClient.msi FIPS=1 
Note: This only applies to SafeGuard Enterprise Device Encryption and Windows 7.
Note: If you want to upgrade an FIPS-compliant installation, please note that the new versions will be installed in FIPS-compliant mode as well, independently from the setting you select.