What are the key steps?

Before you can deploy any SafeGuard Enterprise Client, a working backend is required. Consequently, we recommend adhering to the installation steps described below.

Note: SafeGuard Enterprise for Windows does not support Apple hardware and cannot be installed in a Boot Camp environment. Instead, use a virtual Windows client.

You find all SafeGuard Enterprise components (.msi packages) in the product delivery.

Step Description Package/Tool
1 Download the installers (see Sophos knowledgebase article 111195).  
2 Install .NET Framework and ASP.NET 4.6.1 as well as the Basic Authentication role.  
3 Set up Internet Information Services (IIS) for SafeGuard Enterprise (see Installing and configuring Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)).  
4 Install SafeGuard Enterprise Server. SGNServer.msi
5 Configure Microsoft SQL Server database authentication for the SafeGuard Enterprise Master Security Officer (see Database authentication).  
6 Generate the SafeGuard Enterprise Database(s) with a script. SafeGuard Management Center Configuration Wizard or scripts in product delivery
7 Install the SafeGuard Management Center for central management of users, computers, policies, keys, and reports. SGNManagementCenter.msi
8 Configure SafeGuard Management Center: database and database server connections, certificates, Master Security Officer credentials. SafeGuard Management Center Configuration Wizard
9 Register and configure SafeGuard Enterprise Server: Create server configuration package and deploy it on the web server. SafeGuard Management Center Configuration Package Tool
10 Create the organizational structure from Active Directory or manually. SafeGuard Management Center
11 Prepare endpoints for encryption. SGxClientPreinstall.msi
12 Create initial configuration package for endpoint configuration. SafeGuard Management Center Configuration Package Tool
13 Install encryption software and initial configuration package on endpoints. For available packages, see About managed and unmanaged endpoints.