Drives tab

The Drives tab shows the inventory and status data for the drives on the computer concerned.

Column Explanation
Drive name Shows the name of the drive.
Label Shows the label of a Mac drive.
Type Shows the drive type, for example Fixed, Removable Medium or CD-ROM/DVD.
State Shows the encryption state of a drive.
Note: If SafeGuard BitLocker management is installed on an endpoint Not prepared may be displayed as the encryption state of a drive. This indicates that the drive currently cannot be encrypted with BitLocker since necessary preparations have not been done yet. This only applies to managed endpoints since unmanaged endpoints cannot report inventory data.

For prerequisites to manage and encrypt BitLocker drives see Prerequisites for managing BitLocker on endpoints.

The encryption state of an unmanaged endpoint can be checked with the command line tool SGNState. For details see the SafeGuard Enterprise Tools guide.

Algorithm For encrypted drives, this field shows the algorithm used for encryption.