The individual columns in the overview show the following information.

Note: Some columns are hidden by default. You can customize the display to show them. For further information, see Show hidden columns.
Column Explanation
Machine name Shows the computer's name.
Domain Shows the computer domain name.
Domain Pre 2000 Shows the pre-Windows 2000 domain name.
User name (owner) Shows the user name of the computer's owner, if available.
First name Shows the owner's first name, if available.
Last name Shows the owner's last name, if available.
Email address Shows the owner's Email address, if available
Other registered users Shows the names of other registered users of the computer, if available.
Operating system Shows the computer's operating system.
Last server contact Shows when (date and time) the computer communicated last with the server.
Last policy received Shows when (date and time) the computer received the last policy.
Encrypted drives Shows the computer's encrypted drives.
Unencrypted drives Shows the computer's unencrypted drives.
POA type Specifies whether the computer is a native SafeGuard Enterprise endpoint, a BitLocker endpoint with SafeGuard Challenge/Response, a BitLocker endpoint with native recovery mechanism, a FileVault 2 endpoint or an endpoint with a self-encrypting Opal-compliant hard drive.
POA Specifies whether SafeGuard Power-on Authentication is activated for the computer.
WOL Specifies whether Wake on LAN is activated for the computer.
Modification date Shows the date when the inventory data changed due to an inventory refresh request or the computer sending new inventory data.
Refresh requested Shows the date of the last refresh request. The value displayed in this field will be deleted, when the request is processed by the computer.
Parent DSN Shows the Distinguished Name of the container object the computer is subordinated to. This column is only displayed, if the field Including subcontainers has been activated in the Filter area.
Current Company certificate Specifies whether the computer uses the current company certificate.