Refresh inventory data

The endpoints usually send an update of the inventory data when the data have changed.

The Request Inventory Refresh command can be used to manually request a refresh of the computer's current inventory data. This command is available for a particular computer or for all the computers in a node (optionally including sub-nodes) from the context menu and the Actions menu in the SafeGuard Management Center menu bar. The command can also be selected using the context menu for the list entries.

If you select this command or click the Request Inventory Refresh icon in the toolbar, the relevant computers send their current inventory data.

As is the case with other areas in the SafeGuard Management Center, you can use the Refresh command to refresh the display. You can select this command from the context menu for individual computers or all the computers in a node and from the View menu in the menu bar. You can also use the Refresh double-headed arrow icon in the toolbar to refresh the display.