Virtual Clients

Note: Virtual Clients can only be used for SafeGuard Full Disk Encryption with SafeGuard Power-on Authentication (POA).

Virtual Clients are specific encrypted key files that can be used for recovery in a Challenge/Response procedure when the required user information is not available and Challenge/Response would usually not be supported (for example when the SafeGuard POA is corrupted).

To enable a Challenge/Response procedure in this complex recovery situation, specific files called Virtual Clients can be created. They must be distributed to the user before the Challenge/Response session is carried out. Using Virtual Clients, Challenge/Response can be initiated with a key recovery tool on the endpoint computer. The user only needs to inform the helpdesk officer of the required key or keys and enter the response code in order to regain access to encrypted volumes.

Recovery is either possible by using a single key or an encrypted key file containing several keys.

In the SafeGuard Management Center Keys and Certificates area you can: