To use SafeGuard Enterprise with the SafeGuard Management Center as a live system, you need a valid license. In the SafeGuard Enterprise Database for example, a valid license is a prerequisite for sending policies to the endpoints. The appropriate token licenses are also required for token management.

You can obtain license files from your sales partner. These files must be imported into the SafeGuard Enterprise Database after installation.

The license file contains among other information:

If the number of available licenses or the tolerance limit is exceeded, relevant warning/error messages are displayed when you start the SafeGuard Management Center.

In the Users and Computers area, the SafeGuard Management Center provides an overview of the license status of the installed SafeGuard Enterprise system. The license status display is available in the Licenses tab of the root node, for domains, OUs, container objects and workgroups. Here, security officers find detailed information about the license status. If they have sufficient rights, they can import licenses into the SafeGuard Enterprise Database.