License exceeded

In your license file, a tolerance value has been set for exceeding the number of licenses purchased and the license validity period. If the number of available licenses per module or the validity period is exceeded, first of all a warning message is displayed. This does not impact the system's live operation and there is no restriction on functionality. You can review the license status and upgrade or renew your license. The tolerance value is usually set to 10% of the number of licenses purchased (the minimum value is 5, the maximum value is 5,000).

If the tolerance value is exceeded, an error message is displayed. In this case, functionality is restricted. The deployment of policies to the endpoints is disabled. This cannot be manually reversed in the SafeGuard Management Center. The license has to be upgraded or renewed before you can use all the functions again. Apart from disabling policy deployment, the functional restriction does not have an impact on the endpoints. Policies assigned remain active. Clients can also be uninstalled.

The following sections describe how the system behaves if licenses are exceeded and how to overcome the functional restriction.