Invalid license: Error

If the tolerance value for the number of licenses or the period of validity set in the license is exceeded, the SafeGuard Management Center displays an error message.

In the SafeGuard Management Center, the deployment of policies to endpoint computers is disabled.

An error message is displayed in the Licenses tab in the Users and Computers area.

With the detailed information shown about the license file you can identify the module for which the number of available licenses has been exceeded.

To overcome the functionality restriction, you can:
  • Redistribute licenses

    To make licenses available, you can uninstall the software on unused endpoints and thereby remove them from the SafeGuard Enterprise Database.

  • Upgrade/renew licenses

    Contact your sales partner to get your license upgraded or renewed. You will receive a new license file for importing into the SafeGuard Enterprise Database.

  • Import a new license file

    If you have renewed or upgraded your license, you need to import the license file into the SafeGuard Enterprise Database. This newly imported file replaces the invalid license file.

As soon as you redistribute licenses or import a valid license file, the functional restriction is reversed and the system runs normally again.