SafeGuard Management Center user interface

  1. Navigation area
  2. Navigation window with administrative objects.
  3. Buttons for all administrative tasks
  4. Toolbar
  5. Tabs to select different tasks or to display information.
  6. Action area displays depend on the selection in the navigation area.
  7. Associated views can contain essential elements or information for administration of the object currently being processed.

Navigation area

The navigation area contains buttons for all administrative actions:

  • Users and Computers

    To import groups and users from an active directory, from the domain or from an individual computer.

  • Policies

    To create policies.

  • Keys and Certificates

    To manage keys and certificates.

  • Tokens

    To manage tokens and smartcards.

  • Security Officers

    To create new security officers or roles and define actions which require additional authorization.

  • Reports

    To create and manage records of all security-related events.

Navigation window

Objects which are to be processed or can be created are displayed in the navigation window (Active Directory objects such as OUs, users and computers, policy items etc.). The objects displayed depend on the selected task.
Note: In Users and Computers, the objects shown in the navigation window directory tree depend on the security officer's access rights for directory objects. The directory tree only shows objects the logged on security officer has access to. Objects that are denied are not shown, except if there are nodes lower in the tree that the security officer has access rights for. In this case the denied objects are greyed out. If the security officer has Full access rights, the object is displayed in black. Objects with Read only access are displayed in blue.

Action area

In the action area, you define settings for the objects selected in the navigation window. The action area contains various tabs for processing objects and specifying settings.

The action area also includes information about the selected objects.

Associated views

In these views, additional objects and information are displayed. They provide useful information for system administration and make use of the system easier. You can for example assign keys to objects by using drag-and-drop.


Contains symbols for the different SafeGuard Management Center actions. Symbols are displayed as and when they are available for the selected object.

After logon, the SafeGuard Management Center always opens with the view in which it was closed.