Manage endpoints with Opal-compliant hard drives with SafeGuard Enterprise

In the SafeGuard Management Center, you can manage endpoints with self-encrypting, Opal-compliant hard drives just like any other endpoint protected by SafeGuard Enterprise. As a security officer, you can define security policies, for example authentication policies, and deploy them to endpoints.

Once an endpoint with an Opal-compliant hard drive is registered at SafeGuard Enterprise, information on user, computer, logon mode and encryption status is displayed. In addition, events are logged.

Management of endpoints with Opal-compliant hard drives in SafeGuard Enterprise is transparent, which means that management functions in general work the same as for other endpoints protected by SafeGuard Enterprise. The type of a computer is shown in Inventory of a container in Users and Computers. The column POA Type tells you if the respective computer is encrypted by SafeGuard Enterprise or uses a self-encrypting, Opal-compliant hard drive.