POA users for SafeGuard POA logon

Note: POA users are only supported for Windows endpoints protected by SafeGuard Enterprise with SafeGuard Power-on Authentication.
After SafeGuard Enterprise has been installed and the SafeGuard Power-on Authentication (POA) has been activated, access to endpoints to perform administrative tasks may be required. With POA users, users (for example members of the IT team) can log on at the SafeGuard Power-on Authentication on endpoints for administrative tasks without having to initiate a Challenge/Response procedure. There is no automatic logon to Windows. The users logging on with POA user accounts log on to Windows with their existing Windows accounts.

You can create POA users, group them into POA groups and assign groups to endpoints. The users included in the POA group, are added to the SafeGuard POA and can log on using their predefined user name and password.

Note: To manage POA users and POA groups you need Full access rights for the POA node under Users and Computers.