Keyboard layout

Almost every country has its own keyboard layout. The keyboard layout in the SafeGuard POA is significant when entering user names, passwords and response codes.

By default, SafeGuard Enterprise adopts the keyboard layout in the SafeGuard POA which was set in Windows Regional and Language Options for the Windows default user at the time SafeGuard Enterprise was installed. If "German" is the keyboard layout set under Windows, the German keyboard layout will be used in the SafeGuard POA.

The language of the keyboard layout being used is displayed in the SafeGuard POA, for example "EN" for English. Apart from the default keyboard layout, the US keyboard layout (English) can also be used.

There are certain exceptions:

Note: All unsupported keyboard layouts use the US keyboard layout by default. This also means that the only characters that are recognized and can be typed in are those which are supported in the US keyboard layout. So users can only log on at the SafeGuard POA if their user name and password is composed of characters that are supported by the US keyboard layout or the respective fallback keyboard of their language.

Virtual keyboard

SafeGuard Enterprise provides a virtual keyboard which users can show/hide at the SafeGuard POA and which allows them to use on-screen keys to enter credentials.

As a security officer, you can activate/deactivate the display of the virtual keyboard in a policy of the type Specific Machine Settings using the Virtual Keyboard in POA option.

Virtual keyboard support must be activated/deactivated by policy setting.

The virtual keyboard supports different layouts and it will be possible to change the layout using the same options as for changing the SafeGuard POA keyboard layout.