Analyze the settings "Ignore User" and "Replay Machine Settings"

If there are active policy assignments, the machine policies are analyzed and consolidated first. If, with the Policy Loopback option, this amalgamation of individual policies results in the value Ignore User, the policies that would have been fixed for the user will not be analyzed. This means that the same policies apply both for the user and for the machine.

If, after merging the individual machine policies, the value with the Policy Loopback attribute is Replay Machine Settings, the user policies are merged with the machine policies. After the merge, the machine policies are rewritten and, where appropriate, override settings from the user policies. If a setting is present in both policies, the machine policy value overrides the user policy value.

If the consolidation of the individual machine policies results in the standard value (No Policy Loopback), user settings take priority over machine settings.