User/group settings

Policy settings for users (shown in black in the SafeGuard Management Center) take priority over policy settings for computers (shown in blue in the SafeGuard Management Center). If user settings are specified in a policy for computers, those settings are overridden by the policy for the user.

Note: Only the user settings are overridden. If a policy for users also includes machine settings (shown in blue), they are not overridden by a user policy!

Example 1:

If password length 4 has been defined for a computer group, the user group is assigned value 3 for the same setting and this user is subject to password length 3 on a computer in the computer group.

Example 2:

If a server interval of 1 minute is defined for a user group, and the value 3 for a machine group, value 3 is used because value 1 minute is a machine setting which was defined in a policy for users.