Recovery with Challenge/Response

To smoothen the workflow and to reduce helpdesk costs, SafeGuard Enterprise provides a Challenge/Response recovery solution. SafeGuard Enterprise offers help to users who fail to log on or to access encrypted data by providing a user-friendly Challenge/Response mechanism.

This functionality is integrated in the SafeGuard Management Center as a Recovery Wizard.

Benefits of Challenge/Response

The Challenge/Response mechanism is a secure and efficient recovery system to fall back on.

  • No confidential data is exchanged in unencrypted form throughout the entire process.

  • There is no point in third parties eavesdropping on this procedure because the data they spy out cannot be used at any later point in time or on any other devices.

  • The computer to be accessed does not need an online network connection. The Response Code Wizard for the helpdesk also runs on an unmanaged endpoint without any SafeGuard Enterprise Server connection. There is no need for a complex infrastructure.

  • The user can start working again quickly. No encrypted data is lost just because the password has been forgotten.

Typical situations requiring helpdesk assistance

  • A user has forgotten the password for logging on and the computer has been locked.

  • A user has forgotten or lost the token/smartcard.

  • The SafeGuard Power-on Authentication local cache is partly damaged.

  • A user is not available at the moment due to illness or vacation but the data on the computer must be accessible to a colleague.

  • A user wants to access a volume encrypted with a key that is not available on the computer.

SafeGuard Enterprise offers different recovery workflows for these typical scenarios enabling the users to access their computers again.