SafeGuard Enterprise Database

Events for which you define the SafeGuard Enterprise Database as a destination in the logging policy are collected in a local log file in the local cache of the relevant endpoint in the following directory: auditing\SGMTranslog. Log files are submitted to a transport mechanism which transfers them to the database through the SafeGuard Enterprise Server. By default, the file is submitted as soon as the transport mechanism has successfully established a connection to the server. To limit the size of a log file, you can define a maximum number of log entries in a policy of the type General Settings. The log file will be submitted to the transport queue of the SafeGuard Enterprise Server when the number of entries specified has been reached. The events logged in the central database can be displayed in the SafeGuard Enterprise Event Viewer or File Tracking Viewer. As a security officer, you need the relevant rights to view, analyze and manage the events logged in the database.