SafeGuard Full Disk Encryption

SafeGuard Full Disk Encryption with SafeGuard Power-on Authentication (POA) is the Sophos module for encrypting volumes on endpoints. It comes with a Sophos implemented pre-boot authentication named SafeGuard Power-on Authentication (POA) which support logon options like smartcard and fingerprint and a Challenge/Response mechanism for recovery.

Files are encrypted transparently. When users open, edit and save files, they are not prompted for encryption or decryption. Full Disk Encryption can be volume- or file-based with different keys and algorithms.

As a security officer, you specify the settings for encryption in a security policy of the type Device Protection. For further information, see Working with policies, and see Device Protection.

Note: SafeGuard Full Disk Encryption is only available for Windows 7 BIOS endpoints. If you use Windows 7 UEFI or a newer version of Windows, make use of the integrated Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption functionality. For more information refer to BitLocker Drive Encryption.