SafeGuard Enterprise Security Officers

SafeGuard Enterprise can be administered by one or more security officers. The role-based management of SafeGuard Enterprise allows splitting administration among several users. Any user may be assigned one or more roles. To enhance security, additional authorization of an action can be assigned to an officer's role.

During initial configuration of the SafeGuard Management Center, a top-level administrator, the Master Security Officer (MSO), with all the rights and a certificate is created by default, see Create the Master Security Officer (MSO). The MSO certificate by default expires after 5 years and can be renewed in the Security Officers section of the Management Center. Further security officers can be assigned for specific tasks such as helpdesk or auditing.

In the SafeGuard Management Center navigation area, you can arrange security officers hierarchically to reflect your company's organizational structure. However, this does not imply any hierarchy in terms of rights and roles.

Note: Two security officers must not use the same Windows account on the same computer. Otherwise it is not possible to separate their access rights properly. Additional authentication is more secure when security officers must authenticate with cryptographic tokens/smartcards.