Customized roles

As a security officer with the required rights, you can define new roles from a list of actions/rights and assign them to an existing or new security officer. As with predefined roles, you may enable the additional officer authentication for a function of the role any time.

When you assign a new role, note the following regarding additional authentication:

Note: If a user has two roles with the same rights and additional authentication is assigned to one of the roles, this automatically applies to the other role.

A security officer with the required rights may add or delete rights to or from a custom role. Unlike predefined roles, custom roles can even be deleted as required. If the role is deleted, it is no longer assigned to any user. If a user only has one role assigned and this role is deleted, the user can no longer log on at the SafeGuard Management Center.

Note: The role and the actions defined within it determine what a user may and may not do. This is also true if the user has been assigned more than one role. After the user has logged on to the SafeGuard Management Center only those areas are activated and displayed that are needed for the respective role. This also applies to the scripts and API areas. It is therefore important to always activate the view in which the respective actions are defined. Actions are sorted by function area and hierarchically structured. This structure shows which actions are required before certain other actions can be performed.