Master Security Officer

After installing SafeGuard Enterprise, a Master Security Officer (MSO) is created by default during initial configuration of the SafeGuard Management Center. The Master Security Officer is the top-level security officer, possesses all rights and is able to access all objects (similar to a Windows administrator). The Master Security Officer rights cannot be modified.

There may be several Master Security Officers created for one instance of the SafeGuard Management Center. We strongly recommend to create at least one additional MSO for security reasons. Additional MSOs may be deleted, but there must always remain one user with the role of MSO who has been explicitly created as MSO in the SafeGuard Enterprise Database.

A Master Security Officer can delegate tasks to another person. There are two ways to do this:

One or more roles and domains can then be assigned to them. For example, a user may be assigned the role of Supervising Officer plus the role of Helpdesk Officer.

However, the Master Security Officer can also create custom roles and assign them to particular users.