Securing transport connections with SSL

SafeGuard Enterprise supports encrypting the transport connections between its components with SSL. You can use SSL to encrypt transport between the following components:

  • Database Server <-> SafeGuard Enterprise Server with IIS
  • Database Server <-> SafeGuard Management Center
  • SafeGuard Enterprise Server with IIS <-> managed endpoints
Note: Alternatively, the connection between the SafeGuard Enterprise Server and the SafeGuard Enterprise managed endpoints can be secured by SafeGuard specific encryption. However, this is recommended for demo or test setups only. For ideal security and performance, we strongly recommend that you use SSL encrypted communication. If, for some reason, this is not possible and SafeGuard-specific encryption is used, there is an upper limit of 1000 clients that connect to a single server instance.
Note: Mac OS X clients can only use SSL.
Before activating SSL in SafeGuard Enterprise, a working SSL environment needs to be set up.