Recovery with Local Self Help

Note: Local Self Help is only available for Windows 7 endpoints with SafeGuard Power-on Authentication (POA).

SafeGuard Enterprise offers Local Self Help to enable users who have forgotten their password to log on to their computers without the assistance of the help desk. Local Self Help reduces the number of calls concerning logon recovery, thus freeing the help desk staff from routine tasks and allowing them to concentrate on more complex support requests.

With Local Self Help, users can, for example, regain access to their laptops in situations where neither telephone nor network connections are available and where they cannot use a Challenge/Response procedure (for example, aboard an aircraft). Users can log on to their computer by answering a predefined number of questions in the SafeGuard Power-on Authentication.

As a security officer, you can define the set of questions to be answered centrally and distribute it to the endpoints in a policy. We provide you with a predefined question theme as a template. You can use this question theme as it is or modify it. In the relevant policy, you can also grant the users the right to define their own questions.

When Local Self Help has been enabled by the policy, a Local Self Help Wizard is available to guide the end users through providing initial answers and editing the questions.

For a detailed description of Local Self Help on the endpoint see the SafeGuard Enterprise user help, chapter Recovery with Local Self Help.